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Please add where you're staying, or what accomodations you're hoping for.


The house has:


Three bedrooms (one bed each)

One loft (sleeping space)

Living room (probably could sleep four)

A huge basement that has three separate rooms for sleeping.


Other people will need to either sleep outside, or will need to find other accomodations (Chico Hot Springs, or campsights nearby).


I've listed people as they've come in, so people at the top of the list get first choice.


PLEASE CLICK ON YOUR NAME AND ADD DETAILS - see others with a solid underscore on their name for ideas of what type of info you might want to share.


  1. + RobertScoble robertscoble@hotmail.com (and Patrick). We'll take the loft.
  2. + PatrickScoble
  3. + Irina Slutsky (she'll take a bedroom).
  4. + Ryanne (she'll take a bedroom).
  5. + Eddie Codel (he'll hang out in one of the spaces in the basement).
  6. + Jay Dedman (he'll hang out in one of the spaces in the basement).
  7. + DaveToole CEO of Outhink Media dave@outhink.com
  8. + MichaelHoover (and girlfriend Hillary Ross) Software developer from Las Vegas nowstream@gmail.com RV'ing from Vegas.
  9. + Brian Grimm - PaperCardinal.com - Freshtopia.net grimm@papercardinal.com. Tanja and I would like to reserve a bedroom, if available - a room downstairs would be great too. Driving from Oakland, open to splitting ride with one smallish hobbit in my mitsubishi eclipse. Or, splitting gas with someone else driving from the Bay Area.
  10. + Tanja Andrews - Freshtopia.net
  11. + ElizabethGrigg and family (her husband is musician for Monolith, videogame company) egrigg9000@yahoo.com We are staying at the Livingston KOA, if my cell phone works we can be reached at 206 334 1570.
  12. + NateGrigg Not Coming...
  13. + ElliottGrigg Any other 5 year olds?
  14. + OwenGrigg 2 years old
  15. + TerryBeaubois He is a professor of Architecture and director of a research lab at Montana State. tbeaubois@montana.edu
  16. + ChristianLong President and CEO of DesignShare. christian@designshare.com I'd prefer an indoor option, but I am perfectly comfortable with bringing my tent on the plane, too.
  17. + KevinTunis CEO of Knowledge Management Solutions and five others. We will take the big downstair room downstairs. kevin@knowledgemgmtsolutions.com
  18. + LaVeraTunis
  19. + TiffanyTunis
  20. + AshleyTunis
  21. + JosephTunis
  22. + TammyTunis
  23. + JayDedman Videoblogger. jay.dedman@gmail.com
  24. + PhilBurns COO Provo Labs. phil801@phil801.com
  25. + MeganCunningham Principal, Magnet Media, Inc. mc@magnetmediafilms.com I'm bringing a sleeping bag and very possibly a small tent but if there's a couch available (living room?) in case of rain, that would be swell.
  26. + UdoSchroeter German geek blogger. udo.schroeter@gmail.com Anyone arriving late on the 5th at Bozeman airport? If so, let's split a cab or rental car! (I'll be staying at Chico Hot Springs)
  27. + CrittendenIV Of the Fellaheen Radio Network (bringing wife and three kids) crittendeniv@gmail.com
  28. + CrittendenWife
  29. + CrittendenKidOne
  30. + CrittendenKidTwo
  31. + CrittendenKidThree
  32. + WayneJohnson software developer from Seattle. waynej@rainwatersoftware.com Bringing a tent.
  33. + AaronTinling. aaron@tinling.com Freelance Interaction Designer, gadget/tool/sailing geek. Partner, Heather, and son, Logan will be with me. Bringing a small truck and camper.
  34. + HeatherFlanagan - Life & Business Coach & Geek Groupie. I help people create inspired lives. If any other parents would like to connect in advance, I would love to know the ages of the other kids and if there are any potential baby-sitter-aged kids. heather@heatherflanagan.com
  35. + LoganFlanagan - 5-year-old robotics engineer. Avid futurist. Air-Ship Design God! I am looking forward to meeting the other kids that are coming. We can make our own camp! Look for me at the purple Ford truck with the old camper on top.
  36. + DaveVirginia. dave@dpshannon.com
  37. + Jan McLaughlin - Road Node 101/The Faux Press jannie.jan@verizon.net - Have tent large enough to sleep two (or three). The plan is to set up the tent somewhere beside the fray. Arriving 8/6 @ 6 pm.
  38. + DouglasDobbins and Laura doug.dobbins@gmail.com We had a family matter come last week that we need to take care of. I hope all of you have a great time.
  39. + DonFornes founder of RiverGuide (also member of Tech Ranch). don@riverguideinc.com I'll be stopping by on Sunday afternoon. I live in Big Sky, MT, so I won't need a place to stay.
  40. + KevinMarks Geek, at Technorati. Tentative. kevinmarks@mac.com
  41. + CoreyDenis Corey@IODAlliance.com
  42. + MikeHudack mike@blip.tv

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