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I'm Megan Cunningham, Founder/Principal of Magnet Media, Inc.


We're perhaps best-known in the media and entertainment industry and --because of their nationwide Retail Store promotion-- for producing Apple's training products (DVD's in-the-software-box and certified online curriculum).


However, the mission of our business is keep our customers up to date on the latest digital technology.


There are 2 parts to our solution:

  • Our established product line, the Digital Media Training Series, is a catalog of award-winning training DVDs, produced for Apple, Adobe, Sony, Avid, etc. and used by a wide spectrum of users from hobbyists to professionals in the media industry. You can check it out here: http://www.digitalmediatraining.com


  • Our brand spanking new internet video channel --covering the business and technology of the entertainment and media industry-- is available here: http://www.zoom-in.com There's a blog, podcast, and internet video with new content in each area updated daily (blog) or weekly (video).


Over the coming months, we're building it out to cover every area of professional media and entertainment: film/video, print design/photography, web design/development, music/audio, video gaming. Ambitious, I know, but also thrilling.


The Company also hosts the annual Zoom In Awards in New York, which is for me a truly extraordinary experience. The (non-profit) event honors pioneers and legends in the industry (ie, Dede Allen, Al Maysles, Geoff Gilmore, Jon Kamen, Arthur Penn) alongside emerging talent from the global pool of student video/filmmakers. The focus of the awards is on mentorship --which is something we believe is currently missing from the community, and one of the only sad parts of Moore's Law creating seemingly unlimited expansion/participation in the media "industry." Having the high-profile honorees (and their celeb guests) next to the student winners and playing whatever small role we do in fostering young careers is deeply gratifying. I'm not permitted to announce our partners for this year's awards just yet, but I promise it's going to be a can't-miss event for anyone in media/entertainment! (Coming soon at http://www.zoom-in.com and http://www.zoominawards.com)


My husband is also an entrepreneur, and recently sold his company (http://www.Lab49.com) which develops custom applications for global financial services firms. He and his 2 amazing partners work closely with MS, of course, and still work at Lab49, as they sold to a much larger parent company (http://www.corpus.com) with some pretty aggressive growth objectives. It's been a fascinating experience watching the transition from when they started it (at our kitchen table), to their first (very modest) office and employee, to their second (extremely beautiful) expanded location and pro team, to the post-acquistion global rollout of offices in several countries and many states. The most amazing part is that the buy-out just happened 7 months ago. A pointed lesson for us both on what capital can do to accelerate growth-rate!


In parallel, my company, Magnet Media, has also grown year over year. We now have a 42 person team (including 20FT), 2 studios in NYC, sales offices, and senior management --but we've bootstrapped it the whole way. (Yes, my team is heroic. In my defense, at the last company I worked at, I was employee #2 and it grew extremely big very fast; so I launched Magnet with a bootstrapping philosophy b/c that had been my prior first-hand experience.) However, we're now pursuing our first outside round of expansion capital, which I just started earlier this month.


I'm excited to hear others' experiences with startups, VC's, media and technology (the last 2 being my professional obsession- on the grid, or off it...)


On a personal note, I grew up on the east coast, and was raised by two incredibly ambitious working class parents. In addition to their emphasis on the importance of education (a relentless emphasis, my friends would said...a successful one my parents would boast, given that I now run an educational media company)...I was also raised with a strong appreciation for nature, and the outdoors. Hence, I had the great privilege of attending summer camp for several years in Teton Valley (it's in Jacksonhole, Wyoming, but not that far from Yellowstone either).


I haven't returned in about 20 years, unfortunately, and somewhat spontaneously replied to Robert's blog post one day when Dan (my husband) was off launching their new London office. He convinced me to follow through on going, and I never do anything like this ...but the concept of being both off the grid, and in the company of Scoble& Friends was too tempting to pass up.


So I'm really thrilled to revisit this beautiful area of the world and take stock on the whirlwind year we've had.

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