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DesignShare's focus centers on the design of innovative learning environments around the world. Instead of competing with anyone, our goal is to give away the best of the best in terms of research, resources, and networks to help communities create the schools that will support them well into the future.


DesignShare is a resource to share forward-thinking research to help all stakeholders plan, design, build, and maintain 21st century schools that are based on learning, not on square footage. We possess the largest data base of innovative school design plans in the world. In addition, we host an international Design Awards program each year with approximately 20 countries annually, 12 interationally respected experts reviewing the projects, and publish the results in a variety of print and web-based publications.


We work closely with architects, engineers, builders, and planners, but also with all stakeholders who care about the spaces that exist to support learning (educators, parents, politicians, policy makers, superintendants, school trustees, researchers, foundation leaders, etc.). And we're also fortunate to work with school design teams/communities throughout the world. This includes every conceivable type of school you can imagine in every conceivable type of community.


For the past 10 years, the organization has been a side project of 2 of the leading school designers/planners on the planet -- Randy Fielding and Prakash Nair -- who co-own FieldingNair International. Their goal has always been a thorough re-branding of DesignShare; this is the key piece of what grabbed my attention and brought me into the team this past March.


Please forgive our existing web site: www.designshare.com It is a bit 'amateurish' in its design; over the years, it's always had a full focus on content and colleagues rather than the 'look' of the site. THe re-branding efforts are being done to match the 'design' of the site with the quality of current content and colleagues. We expect to roll out phase 1 of the site re-brand in the next 3-4 weeks (by mid-August, 2006), and then will begin phase 2 and 3 (making the site more interactive) in the winter/spring. Perhaps someone in this merry band of campers might have a few ideas to kick around while watching geysers and sunsets.

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